Why did he divert me

So i was going from Sydney to Auckland and when i was at Auckland i was getting instructions from the atc and then he said randomly follow instructions while i was and then he said 1 minute after divert to another airport. Why did he divert me but not the other aircraft?

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We can never know unless we were the controller. I’d suggest sending them a pm and asking them about it.

Unlucky. Might be where you are coming from was busy etc.

As @Drummer said, it’s better to ask your controller. But it’s probably because there are many inbounds to an airport that can’t handle that amount of traffic. By any chance, do you know the controller username?

Hello, welcome to the community! I’d suggest taking a look at this topic if you’re unable to remember who the controller was. It outlines alternate ways to find your controller. All the best!

You did not link a topic…let the OP respond first.

No i was in a line with some aircraft behind me and some infront of me and he diverted me

I would divert the aircraft that is farther than the airport and didn’t get any vectors to the airport he gave me instructions to Auckland and i was in a line

unlucky. They had to divert someone, and they chose you. If you wonder why, please contact your controller.

Thanks for the help!

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If you tell us the time in which time this happened maybe it would be easier for us to help you find the controller :)

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I have his name as @tunamkol said i was unlucky and he diverted me

I don’t want to tag, but if it was in the last couple of hours then it is either: @Enrique_Fernandez , Astern, or Nico. I don’t want to tag them so I don’t bother them, but if you figure who was controlling then I can tag one of them.

It’s enrique

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I’ll PM you, thanks all!


Thanks for the help yall! :)