Why did Airbus choose 3 and Boeing 7

Why did boeing use number 7 for most of their aircraft and why does airbus use the number 3

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Like boeing 737 and airbus a320

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Boeing has a numbering system and 7 was their number for jets. Hence 707 being their first. The last 7 was just a filled because 707 sounded better than 70. I don’t know about Airbus though.


I think for Airbus the 3 started with the A300 because 300 was supposed to be the amount of passengers it could carry. Airbus thought the A3XX was catchy and kept it.


Well the 7 does look way better than any other number…

But seriously I have no clue.

I know the Boeing one is true because the people at Boeing when I took the tour said so

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Yes I’ve been there twice! What an experience!

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