Why Delta is the Best Legacy Carrier - and Why I Flew First Class

That’s true in the US, no lounge access (not that many of them are worth it often!).

Also you have the odd situation where the airlines own status holders don’t get lounge access either - so if you are on a AA domestic flight AAdvantage status holders get no lounge access, but equivalent level status holders of other oneworld airlines do get lounge access.

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Wow a MD-90? I thought all US carriers had retired them. I bet it was quiet in first class, but can’t say same for people in last couple of rows in back.

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On short final when they’d throttled back to landing speed it sounded like the engines had just died. First class was super quiet and I could only hear the engines if I listened for them. Very unique ezpirejce and I’m glad I could have it.

If i came to the us i will fly delta anyway… other than i have garudamiles, most review of the are slightly better than aa or ua…

And they have some exotic planes (i.e 717,757,767,MD90)

So why did you fly First Class? I’m missing the reason.

First class on a short flight there is no difference

Because it was super affordable and this was most likely my only chance to fly first class on any major carrier ever since most of my flying and my future work plans are on budget carriers

Actually you’re very wrong. There was a hue difference between the two…a huge difference.


You are going to say priority boarding and a screen and bit of leg room you can get at a emergency exit it’s main focus is targeting business men and women commuters

The hard product is completely different in first compared to economy on US airlines for domestic flights.

It depends. In europe, no, not at all. In America, yes the hard product is much better than economy (DL/UA on par while American continues it’s densification making it worse). In fact on UA they have a custom design seat with granite cocktail tables as opposed to DL/AA’s more generic seats.


I’ve flown Delta Economy and I’ve flown Delta First Class and speaking from personal expierence first class even in a 59 minute hop is still incredible!

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Delta is nice for first class, but American also has a good first class!

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