Why Delta 787 Livery?

Hello IFC! I’ve been wondering for a while now, why is there a delta livery on the 787? Is it because Northwest was the first US costumer to order it and then it merged into Delta? But I know for a fact that Delta does not have one and is not planning on having one. Thanks!


Hey there! Delta and Northwest airlines merged back in the 2010’s and Northwest airlines orders 787’s and that order got transferred to delta ,but later on Delta canceled their order. I think I remember there being a video about this from somewhere.

Edit I found it Why Delta Canceled Its Boeing 787 Order - YouTube


Well there are some liveries that don’t exist in real life on other aircrafts too. It might have happened because of situations like airlines canceling orders or retiring or other reasons. Lot of coincidences happen :)

Oop the reply above seems like the issue for this one.

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I knew that, but I was wondering why the Devs added Delta as a livery. And what do you mean by a video?

Ok thanks @GEnx and @Captainflight

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Because at the time the 787 was being developed, the orders were still active :)


That makes sense, thanks also @schyllberg .

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