Why can't the dev team release an update agenda?

I don’t understand why the developers cannot release the content in the future that they plan on making to us. I know that they know everything to them will not go smoothly as they probably want and they don’t want to give us false information, but could they at least release an unofficial timeline of what the devs plan on adding? They could simply say that things are likely to change so don’t expect things to be released according to what this timeline says. This would just have us players have something to be excited about.

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Telling the public what they’re making would ruin the excitement.


Yeah, the community would be a lot more dull as well…as a leader for the IFO (infinite flight Olympics) I can say that it’s so FUN to let the suspense grow for new events and things :)…I’m sure this isn’t the only reason why, and I’m sure it barely the reason. Lol


Imagine if they planned an update for release in March and it had a major delay and was eventually released in September, can you imagine the response they would get to the delay? I mean have you read the Facebook comments already! It’s far easier to not get people’s hopes up

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Because they can’t promise dates, setbacks happen.

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A lot happens right before they release the update. They find bugs, tweak the game, and small improvements causing a delay in the update… So a date is really impossible to put out for an update.

The real reason is probably the “agenda” may change all the time. Like the guys mentioned above, bugs happen…here is a little picture to explain it.


Trust me, they wouldn’t want to do this for their own good. They have it very good right now by being able to work at their own pace and make things good before releasing it. They are lucky they don’t work for a company that forces a schedule down their throats… It results in unfinished things to be released and just causes more problems down the road… Trust me.

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They don’t even know themselves when the update is coming. Also it would take away from the excitement.

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You mean the comments saying “IF should be free”?

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I really hate to say this but because this thread is open (for now) I have to say that I do wish for a just a little tiny bit more transparency from the team. I’m not worried about waiting or anything I’d just feel more comfortable knowing more plans for the future and the roadblocks that have/may come along the way. I just wish we’d get to hear from them more. Communication is key to any relationship lol.

It has come up to my mind that they give little information about feature updates because, if they keep them in secret, they can see which feature is the most requested, and base their decisions in the best possible way.
For example, for how long have users requested the Dash 8 Q400?

You guys are all wrong here. An agenda is released for every single update for iOS users; it’s call the Android update. For 2 weeks were show and told exactly what to expect ‘when the next update drops’ 😀


@Sturmovik let’s have Olympics in July.

What do you mean? Me participating in the IF Olympics?

Yes of course.

I will think about it.

When they announced that the A320 was coming soon…The wait and just the general excitement of “Oh my god A320! going to buy it as soon as it comes out!!” and the mood was amazing because everyone was so happy at the same time! :D

Side Note

Would you really like a timeline of stuff that they are planning to do? That would be like “oh ok cool”, there wouldn’t be a lot of excitement! But when they hinted towards inter-region flight, cough coming soon cough, it builds up the craze and it’s just a fun time on the forums as well! everyone talking about it :D

Sorry for the long essay, you can continue with you life :)

They base their decisions as any business would do, they check the hype first, and if its big enough, they´ll announce it, don´t they?