Why can't my joystick connect to IF?

I followed the steps provided by IFC joysticks connect tutorial without any mistakes. I downloaded LiveFlight Connect on PC, open “Enable LiveFlight Connect” and ensure my iPad connected the same WiFi with computer. But LiveFlight Connect has been unable to identify my device. I try to turn on my hot spots but nothing seemed to work. I don’t know what I should to do? Can you help me? Uh, by the way, my joystick is trustmaster’s A320 Copilot, I just want to see if it can connect to IF.

ForeFlight has nothing to do with joysticks.


So first:

Do you have “Infinite Flight Connect” enabled in your settings? It’s located under the General tab in settings.

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Yes this is what I meant sorry everyone

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When your in app is it still connecting?

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I have experienced an issue similar to this in the past whereby I have had to uninstall LFC for whatever reason and, upon re-installation, it has failed to connect.

I know this seems rather obvious, but I feel like it’s something that should be double-checked anyway to try and provide you with the best support, you do have Infinite Flight open while trying to connect?

Additionally, as Maxim asked, do you have “Infinite Flight Connect” enabled in your IF settings?

If the steps mentioned above are set as required, usually, just a bit of patience and a restart of both devices, iPad and computer, pays off. I can’t guarantee this will work, but have you tried these steps anyway? If not, I recommend trying them.

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Yep,and I set it. I just don’t know why it can’t connect with IF,I open IF four times to refresh it.

Are you on the live server? Make sure to hit fly.

Most common is virus scanner software blocking ports, etc.

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I tried for a long time. It never connected. I’m going to come back a few hours later, when I’m free.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll try it when I’m free

I don’t seem to have encountered such a problem. I also checked the login status of my If account. Thank you for reminding me, when I’m free, I’ll try to restart my device. Maybe it’s just my device is in power on state for a long time.

Did you install the joystick drivers? I encountered this exact problem.

Try it in your computer, it may be corrupted, like what mine was.

I read the manual. It said that the drive of the joystick is automatically downloaded

Mine too, but it didn’t work, when I downloaded it on my computer, it started working.

I checked it with the game controller configuration that comes with windows 10, there is no problem

Ok, well thats all I can help with. I hope your controller works soon!

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I’m ready to restart my iPad and laptop after finishing my work.

Thank you for your advice~

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I have the same joystick and while I had issues connecting it via a Mac book air (likely due to the age of my computer), it worked very well with my PC.
Sometimes I have some disconnections in short final or right before rotation at take off; but overall that joystick is fantastic.

Make sure your computer and iPad are on the same wifi network. I usually start LiveFlight connect after I plugged in my joystick and once I’m spawned in.
If it doesn’t work, try closing the LiveFlight connect App and restart it.

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