Why can't i vote

I can’t vote. I came to IFC recently and, i can’t vote. The IFC says i got to the limit, but i’ve got no votes. Please tell me if its a bug or something else and how to fix it. Thanks.


Go to your votes page and take a screenshot (find that by going to your profile and going to

Screenshots on how to get there

Once confirming that there is 0 votes there, go to a feature request and hit on the blue button (whatever it says) and take another screenshot of what it says

As a basic user, you are only limited to a certain amount of votes (4? 6?), as you increase in trust level; the more votes you can give out


You ability to vote increases as you increase trust level in the forum. Just stay active and as you move up you will be able to vote more.


TL0 = 0 Votes
TL1 = 5 Votes
TL2 = 10 Votes
TL3 = 15 Votes

You are currently TL1 so you have a maximum total of 5 Votes to use as of now.

Spend them accordingly on the features you really want the most to be added in the future :)


Thank you really much. Now i finally figured out how to vote!


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