Why can't I talk to aircraft?

When I go to IF live on ATC it says I’m an observer, and I cant contact planes when playing. Somebody help please?

It’s because the frequency you’ve chosen is taken by someone else :).


Are you sure you are not on Expert server.

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You cannot even access it without being aithorized.


I believe this occurs when someone else clicks to do ATC at the same airport, position, and time you clicked on it. Not 100% sure, but that’s the case when it happens to me

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Somebody has jumped into the ATC frequency just before you.

It takes a short period of time for the server to update to show which frequency is already taken. So, you select a frequency thinking it’s free, however somebody has already selected it in the minute or so before you.

As a result. IF just let’s you observe while the other person controls.

Just exit out and select another less popular frequency.


Because you can’t talk to these types of machines currently. At least not until they get an AI system built got them.


You can try to talk to an airplane… not sure how much it would say back to you.

On a more serious note, make sure you have the appropriate frequencies selected. If it still places you in observation mode, then that means someone else has gotten to the frequency before you. At that point it would be best to switch to another airport/frequency.