Why can't I see the Received likes now?

From Last couple of weeks I can’t see the Recived likes, why?

Maybe you have received no likes?

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I’ve received more than 70likes I think, especially in your Photocontest

How would you know that since you can’t view them?

Discourse updated a couple weeks ago.

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If I go to my Profile Page or anybody profile page I can’t see his received likes, where it was Available

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As @Carson said, Discourse updated a few weeks ago.

No he can’t, as Discourse (The Host for the Forum) updated, taking away the “Received Likes” button.

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@ZaidSal Go to the link Boeing707 provided above and you’ll see your stats there.
I was gonna share the link here but he got to it before me lol:)

Got an answer but you cannot see which post they liked which is sad :(