Why can't I see the APPR button on planes except the Airbus A321?

Is Appr button peculiar to a321 ?


Only the A320 family and de 737-BBJ have Appr capability, for now

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You should see APPR on the:

Airbus A318
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Boeing 737 BBJ-1


thank you. and did you buy this game and the all planes for android ??

Yes, but for IPhone…


I use iOS. The APPR mode shouldn’t matter between iOS and Android-Both have APPR for the same aircraft


no. probably some people buy this game hack system. I bought it but it is very expensive. ı cant buy every plane or airfield…

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Hack system?

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And is that what you did!

If there is a hack that gives you all in-app purchases (which is what I assume this is), it probably should be reported.

ı don’t know. ı bought everything. I am beginner in this game so ı want to learn this game. thanks for your advices.

Yes for for the older aircraft it works but for the A318-A321 it’s not possible because it gets the update directly from the server (new IAP protection). Also if the game suspects you are jail broken it won’t update any of the regions or aircraft unless you have live.