Why cant I scroll when near an airport of arrival?

I am arriving to KEWR. When I was at KORD I could scroll to see all frequencies at KEWR but when I am nearing KEWR I can not scroll down to see the frequencies.

I think that you was not in range of the frequency…

I checked on the map to see 6 frequencies and could scroll to see approach and departure. Now when I check on the map the scroll function doesn’t work.

Yeah, I that you aren’t in range, or there was no APPR or DEP

On the interactive map there is.

This could be because after you initially checked, the approach and departure frequency’s closed

I ma talking about my ability to scroll on my phone to see who is controlling what. When you are on the world map and click an airport that has etc it says it has 4 at KEWR. So on that map I cant scroll down at all to see who is tower.

Yeah that has always been there :)

But you can tune in/see it on the scroll menu when you’re X nm away from the airways

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