Why can't I make a purchase

an error is listed in each column of purchases as shown in this image

Try to go to Settings on your iOS device, then “Screen time” —> Content & Privacy restrictions —> iTunes & App Store purchases if your on IOS.

Credit: schyllberg

I use play store

Is that authentic version of IF

Of course I bought the original from the Play Store

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@schyllberg will help you out

When this happens on Android, it’s usually due to some connection issue.
Most of the times, a simple device restart help. In some other cases, changing connection source (Wifi/Cellular) does the trick.

We only display “Error” like that, when we’re not getting the information from Play Store.


Not i cant😔

What if you contact the support center for play store and see if they know.

It’s an issue with Google play not IF. Open Google play and make sure you agreed to its terms, check that Google play and Purchases are up to date, and make sure IF is downloaded directly from Play store using same account.

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Are you sure your payment method is up to date?

@schyllberg please help

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Try deleting the app and re downloading it.

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@Egy_Dt - your payment method is unfortunately being declined. I can see 22 attempts that have all failed.

Depending on your payment method, please follow the instructions linked below:

Fix payment issues on your account - Android - Google Play Help