Why can't I hear the ATC?

Im new in online but i already played from 2014. How star Atc?

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There is no ATC on the free flight server. Only on the playground server and advanced server.

This might be a bug, try force quitting IF and restarting. You should be able to hear it even when your on Unicom.

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I select them but is the same

Turn up your volume.

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😂😂😂 yes is normal bro :/

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Turn your device volume up then turn the inflate flight volumes up

Everything is ok bout vol. Maybe because im new in this online game??

Go to settings. And then “Audio”. From there, ensure you have the ATC volume turned up along with the sound FX volume.

Yes. I did it. But atc doesnt give indications why?

I’m not sure. If you have been to settings and checked that the volume was turned up and if you are on the playground server to hear ATC (or Unicom on Free Flight or PG) it should work. Try what @natzoo said. Do a restart of your device and/or IF. Deleting and reinstalling the app may help. Anything is worth trying.

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Well, it depends:

  1. Reset your device (delete Infinite Flight, and re-download it, restore all purchases, and you should be good.

  2. go to setting (in IF), make sure the ATC sound is on all the way.

Experienced with this. I know why, it’s because you always exit out Infinite Flight when your in multiplayer. The only way to fix it is by force quitting the app. After that go back in Infinite Flight and then your all good!

Yes, especially when you get a text message, or phone call on the same device you are playing on, it doesn’t have sound.

Go to your settings and then go to audio you most likely have your ATC volume down.

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If you’re on an iPhone make sure the ringer switch is on. For me, I cannot hear the ATC unless I have my ringer on for some reason.

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