Why can't I hear any ATC

When I am flying I can’t here any ATC l. When I am ATC I can’t here them or me.

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. There’s no one else flying and no ATC, so you have UNICOM.

So you can get messages from atc but not hear the frequency?You may have adjusted the volume on your audio settings and brought it down. Go in game click the pause/menu button then in the top left click the gear icon (settings) go to audio and then you can adjust it

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This happens to me, even with full volume. It means that your device is handling to much for IF, and you need to lower graphics.

If you exit the game whilst flying, leaving it open in the background, then come back to it, ATC is sometimes muted. If so, this is a known issue (one that I though was fixed mm)

Known issue …