Why can't I get my account number?

Account not found,create it on account.infinite-flight.com

Purchasing a subscription on infinite-flight.com does not exist anymore. You can purchase a PRO subscription as a IAP through your app store.

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Restart your device and uninstall then reinstall IF. You can’t buy a subscription on the website anymore. Also, where do you live? (That sounds creepy but it might help)

I think he’s referring to a message that came up in the app but I may be wrong.

I’ve hung VPN in China

That might be the problem. I think they don’t allow purchases from China due to high levels of fraudulent activities. I would wait for a moderator as I’m not quite sure what you can do now.


Have you tried tapping this? It should create an account for you.


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I’ve created my account, but I still can’t land it

Can you describe your issue more - is it crashing or are you just not able to land the plane?

I chose the global flight, but I didn’t buy the global flight service. It prompted me to log on to my account, and I tried my Google account and Facebook account, but I couldn’t land it. It suggests Account not found, create it on account.infinite-flight.com

Have you purchased a IFPRO subscription?

Yes, I bought and downloaded the app from the apple store

That’s not the same thing. Have you bought the actual subscription?

Purchasing the app only gives you access to the free aircraft and certain regions, you can purchase a PRO subscription:

1 months is $9.99 - $9.99 per month
6 months is $49.99 - $8.33 per month
12 months is $79.99 - $6.66 per month

This update comes with access to live, all aircraft, and global flight (for the time of the subscription)

They can be purchased via IAP.

Global flight service, I haven’t bought it yet. I’m not going to log in and buy it in the game But I can’t login now