Why cant i get an infinite flight pro subscription

Yeah i have. I dont know why its doing this

I’d go into Infinite Flight withdrawals if this happened to me.

What device and operating system do you have so that we can better assist you?

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Im on Android and i have an lg k10 2017

Haha i just really wanna go on live i havent beem on it before and it looks really good

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So you have the global update? Could we get a screen shot of the purchase screen for live?

There is one on post #1

That’s not what I’m talking about.

What is your location, sir?


I live in England. Will that effect my infinite flight pro subscription?

No, this should be fine in your location. I’m a bit curious as well now…

Just to verify, you did in fact legally purchase the app from the PlayStore?

Ive seen people have similar problems to mine. Is there something wrong with the servers or anything like that or is it a problem with the latest update?

I’m still set on the fact he doesn’t have he global update.

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Yes i did. I bought it legitimately as i asked my parents to buy the app for me about 6 months ago and i also bought 3 planes

Ive checked for updates and i haven’t got any

In this case your device is no longer compatible with IF or the global update. That’s why you are unable to purchase live pro since you wouldn’t be able to use it.

I really hope you get it figured out. Totally worth it. Good luck

Have a look here and see if this works in your case:

Goodness, very sorry. Simple reason that I didn’t realize until reading the thread again.

If you’re unable to update to our latest version based on device limitations you will not be able to access our online multiplayer servers on the previous version of Infinite Flight unless you already had an active Live or Live+ subscription.

Live and Live+ subscriptions are no longer available for purchase or renewal and will be phased out once the last of our existing subscriber’s service period expires. You’re welcome to utilize the version on your device in solo mode, but unfortunately will not be able to purchase an online Pro subscription unless you have a compatible device and our latest version of Infinite Flight.

Device Limitations

iOS Requirements:

  • 64 bit device
  • iOS 10 operating system or later
  • Click here to see full list of iOS devices supported at this time

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0 (Check here.)