Why can't I connect to live

I can enter the game and display the ATC online table, so the network is normal, but I don’t know why my live connection failed after entering the game, I hope you can give me an answer and help me solve it, thank you!image image

Do you have a stable internet connection?

The Internet is very stable, and can watch Youtube smoothly

Try restarting your device if that doesn’t work delete and reinstall Infinite Flight.

Yes probably that will work for you 😄👍🏽

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Okay thank you!I will try.

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Good luck!!!😄👍🏽

Hope that!lol🤣

Did it work for you I hope so 😄👍🏽

I’m sorry to tell you, but I can’t get .I rebooted the device and downloaded it again🤣

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I’m sorry it doesn’t work 🙁👍🏽

Could you do a speed test with the link below please.

Before deleting the app, trying things like resetting your router and completely shutting off your device are better options before deleting it.

Deleting the app should be a last resort option when troubleshooting. ;)


Okay i will do.

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Thank for your suggest!

@SteveJ just a question to extend the information: What device are you using?

iPhone 6 and iPhone XR

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@SteveJ is that test what you see after resetting your internet?

The ping is what worries me a bit.

@SteveJ a suggestion is to make sure you have no VPN active when using Infinite Flight. Make sure to check that.