Why can't I comment?

Please can someone tell me why I can’t comment???

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Comment on what…? A better description of your problem would be good…


You haven’t hit a high enough trust level yet. Your still a new user.


Hey there @15shawo, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community ( IFC).

We work on trust levels here, you get the following TL0( New User) , TL1( Basic), TL2(Member) ,TL3 ( Regular) and TL4 ( Leader) . You are currently TL0 , in order to prevent spam and unwanted messages you have to wait until you are TL1 to post/comment. Fear not you will reach TL1 in no time just contribute to the forum and share the love by liking posts.

Welcome once again and do not be afraid to reach out for help :D


As @MLPSkittlez said, you need a higher trust level. To be more specific, you need to be a basic user before replying to other users. You can get there fairly quickly by browsing and reading a few topics.

Welcome and enjoy your stay!