Why can't I change the title?


Hi guys today i am open my ATC Tracking Thread And I couldn’t change my title. That’s a big problem with Tracking Thread. Can someone tell me what to do?☹️


After a certain timeframe (I forget the specific time), you can no longer edit the title of your threads.


Helped you out changing it!


Oh……OK So What should I do?Get a another one Tracking Thread?


That may be the best. Weird how you’re already locked out from editing the title. I think the limit is 3 months but you’re still a month away from that happening.

Message a moderator and see if you can make a new thread.


I believe the limit is 60 days.


That would make the most sense considering the thread was made in early October and we’re now in early December.

That number must’ve been changed recently. It’s been 3 months for as long as I remember. 🤔


I think I better open a new Tracking Thread(LoL) Thank you guys!


3 months is the thread closure time frame, it is probably different for editing


PM a moderator with the link and we can close it and you can open a new one.


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