Why can't I change my callsign?

Recently bought one years live as I regret that I should have tried one month for a start, as live sessions blips and disconnects, It feels a bit unfair when I paid for a full year 😟 I wonder if you have plans to fix this online error and if so, when? Note I have no problem with my Internet connection, 100/100 fiber. My friends, who recommended this simulator has the same problem. I also want to ask if there is any possibility to decide what weather I want when online? At least 80% of the time online, I have flown around in a white fog, imposible to see the runway or anything at all, not so fun in the long run. In addition, and beyond that, I think this is a fantastic flight simulator.

One more thing, ehy cant I change my callsign? Error everytime I try!

Thanks in advance / Sincerely / Greenman

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Well, probably nothing except for one line was not related to the topic. Make different posts / topics for each problem and always stay on topic. Also, make sure you post it in the correct category. In this case, this belongs to #bugs .

Further, this bug (callsign change) has already been reported. Please help to keep the forum clean and organized and research before posting!
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This bug is a known one, multiple users have it and it has not been confirmed to be fixed by any FDS staff member. Simply close InfiniteFlight and re-launch it with the best WiFi connection as possible and you’ll be able to change your callsign again. That’s the best way to avoid this bug.

Hope this helps out for now.

Sometimes I am unable to change my callsign from the home menu and I have to enter a region in an aircraft for it to let me change it.

Why did you move this to live?

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This needs to be in Support.

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