Why can't I buy my subscription?

If you can’t buy your subscription, comment here:

Can you specify the problem

To bounce off of @Apollo_11, I would also recommend that you switch this topic to Support, assuming there is an actual issue here.

Ok, thanks. 🙂

Ok, so i tried to buy it using my debit card info but it would not let me buy it.

You need to specify more. Is it on Android or iOS?

I would recommend sending an email to support@infiniteflight.com.

Generally, the developers prefer to solve subscription issues through that email.

Android is my system

Thx NewsDude


Exactly what error and/or issue are you having? A screenshot would be helpful.

Just make sure to crop/blur out any personal information.


My apologies, i cannot provide one. However, whenver i try to purchase the sub. It wont let me.

Why won’t it let you?
This is what I mean. No one can help unless you provide more detailed information :)

One of the reasons might be not enough money. Other could be turned off electronic payments

ohhhh. ok thanks

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I’m now pretty sure it’s what YT_Sniegutizzz said. Thanks. :)

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