Why can't I access my subscription?

Hello it seems like I can’t access my subscription I had finished a flight from Honolulu to San Diego and was about to do a flight to Japan when I noticed it saying that I don’t have pro I tried everything but is just doesn’t work My callsign and username are

I’d restart the app and the cellphone. If it continues like that I’d E-Mail support@infiniteflight.com. @schyllberg (sry for tag) can also do it, I think.

I tried all solutions

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So E-Mail that address I gave you.

When does your sub expire?

I bought it a few days ago so I’m guessing next month

I’ve decided to buy another one thanks for the help but I need to fly

My solution: Try to unlik your IFC Account and connect again. Also check your subscription whether it still can or not. Also unlink your goggle acccount (if you link it). Restart your phone or uninstall your infiniteflight and download again

Great! Anyways, try to contact IF Support to see what happened. (If you want)

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