Why can’t I use a space in my callsign?

When I am at the airport on live I can see people with spaces in their name e.g Lufthansa 1135. However when I try it says only letters and numbers allowed. Can someone help me with this?

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Hi there,

You have two options for Callsigns. There’s an airline section and general aviation if you click on your name in the menu.



You’re using GA Callsign which spaces are not allowed, have you tried using the airline callsign?

GA callsign, no spaces allowed.

Airline callsign, airline is spelled for you, just put your flight number and it should be a space in between.

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Which way did you enter your callsign?

How do I use an airline callsign?

See the screenshots I posted above ;)

You tap “Airline Callsign” when you change your callsign.
Also, I suggest seeing this

Tap on the top right side corner on the page where you select airport / aircraft.

If you want to use GA, you can use hyphens instead of spaces.

EX: RSA3-7-1

I believe this limitation was introduced as part of the global release. It helps to prevent inappropriate messages too.