Why can’t I see other Users’ actual aircraft?

Since the ATC voice rectification update I’ve noticed I can’t see no other aircraft but my own. I can see the small little white box and gamer tag to show someone’s present but the actual aircraft no. I tried switching VPNs as I am in China and we all know how that goes. lol. Light humour but however nothing I’ve done has brought about a solution. I even tried updating the IF software and still nothing. It’s one of my favourite aspects of the game seeing other users in action. Please if anyone has any solution or understanding as to why this is happening do share.

Try going in settings->live->set your airplane count to “high” or “very high”, restart your app and attempt to view other aircrafts again. It might take some time to load other aircrafts on live as well.


I get it sometimes too it is when you’re wife signal is not strong sometimes it will fix it’s self sometimes not. You can also try an lower the amount of aircraft shown at one time this may help to.

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Thanks mate. Mines was set to none. 🤣😱🤕. Jeeez. Do I feel stupid. Lol. I didn’t think to check this because I knew that I had already set it to high months ago I didn’t expect the recent updates to reset this option. Thanks much mate. Awesome.

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Glad you got it fixed because it makes the difference in live flight

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Exactly mate. It really does. It gives you that real feel and to see others doing well in Sticking the Landing 😉🙃. It’s one of my favourite aspects of the game. Thanks much for replying.

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