Why can’t I play offline anymore?

I used to be able to fly around in solo when I’m on the train going to a different city but now I can’t even open the app when I’m not connected to the internet

You need wifi for play IF in any mode :(

This is due to the global scenery, which requires an internet connection in order to stream the scenery. Therefore, you will need a stable connection to play (even on solo).


Indeed, as @TaipeiGuru said, that is the case, because the scenery needs to be downloaded.

Perhaps something that might help - spawn in and fly around an area before Your trip, the it’ll be cached. You should be able to access the area during Your ride.

Since the introduction of global a couple of years ago you have needed an internet or cellular connection. Back in the days of pre global you didn’t need a internet or cellular connection as it was stored locally on your device but nowadays it’s all in the cloud or in more complex terms a small off site server that’s near you if it’s cached but if it isn’t it will contact the big boss hub server for scenery that isn’t cached on the server.

Guys everyone just said the same thing the OP will reply if he understands wait a bit. Also don’t repeat what the person in front of you said.


It’s the choice of having to be online, or having IF take up loads of space, which already takes up quite a lot, I know which one I’d prefer

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