Why can’t I park spawn where I use to park at ENGM

Hey developers (airport editing team)after 19.4 update many things have been amazing really great work really appreciate your hard work and some things have been a bit hard to get used to but the thing that concerns me the most are the new gate restrictions that should be corrected like the new parking limits let’s take Oslo Gardermoen the remote apron 96 95 93 parkings are now limited so I can’t even park my crj900 these parkings are made for the domestic traffic it is where the SAS cityjets use to park even normal. 737s can park there I can say this by hart since I know this airport in and out it’s my IRL local hub

This is an issue with the airport editing team where some gates and parkings were changed -1, removing the ability to spawn at certain areas with certain aircraft.

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This is a known issue, that has been posted before, and will be addressed in a future release.