Why can’t I go faster when climbing over FL360

I find I am using full throttle to get up to FL440? And then all of a sudden my airspeed will drop out of no where and I would stall. Why is this?

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Its likely that the aircraft you are using is unable to climb up to those altitudes so soon in your flight. Generally you’d want to start at a lower altitude prior to climbing to a such altitude as FL440. Maybe FL300,320, 340, etc. This process is called step climbing. When you’re on an airliner on a 12hr flight or something in that range, the aircraft does not climb up to FL440 immediately after departure. You’ll be at the highest altitude as you near your destination. I’ve linked a helpful topic below that may interest you. Happy reading!


You are likely too heavy, your aircraft can’t pick up speed at that point and will lose it. Try step climbing instead. Depending on the Aircraft aswell it will be affected by this more. Especially if it’s got max fuel.

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You might consider some aerodynamic principles may be in play:

Of course you’re using max possible thrust at FL440. Solution: Don’t fly that high.


It’s not a problem with the app. It’s how planes work.


The absolute maximum ceiling of your aircraft is lower than the altitude you’re aiming at e.g A320 at FL440 just won’t work.


You are heavy for that altitude yet the aircraft has a higher ceiling. This is where step-climbing comes into the picture.

Follow the links provided, they are very helpful :)

Tim and DeerCrusher have provided helpful links.

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Why so high grasshopper?

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Air gets thinner as you get higher thefore less airflow hits the wings thefore to mantian airspeed you need more thrust.

FL440 is way too high for most commerical planes.

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I’d recommend the best altitude for you to not loose speed and to maintain speed is below FL320. I gota tell you, I’ve been through that, when I tried to get higher than FL400 I started to slow down and stall. So I consider staying below FL320 to avoid stall and slow speed

I find if you pull your flaps up once you see the throttle getting high like at 70% Or higher the throttle will be better. Idk how else to say it.

Which plane were you using. The only commercial plane (In IF and real life) that can fly at FL440 is the 747 which has an altitude ceiling of FL451.

Topic and other relevant issues have been discussed numerous times. Lots of information already on this forum. Simple search for the issue you’re experiencing has likely been discussed already.