Why can’t I be in the training server

YI have been trying really hard to get grade two listened to all the atc instructions respected everyone and have gotten a few a speed violations that I realized after it was too late and immediately reacted to it. But my main point is I understand that most grade 1’s don’t listen so I understand that part but I can’t get anymore XP on the casual server and I obviously can’t go on the expert so and I stuck at grade 1 forever and also I want to know how to get more XP and I also have a 3:5 violations to landings ratio

Read the message on the screen it will tell you why.

Our Training Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a proper transition from the casual server and to encourage proper behavior. Please see this post for the Training Server Requirements:

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!