Why can pilots ghost other pilots? It makes no sense

The fact that other pilots are able to ghost other pilots is not right even if they deserve to be ghosted. If expert is supposed to be realistic why can this happen? This is equivelent a United Airlines A320 telling an F-35 that you cannot fly anymore. It makes no sense. Can this please be changed and left for ATC to deal with, not someone who is doing the same thing as you.

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I’m not sure what you mean.

Do you mean the “Report” button on the Casual and Training Servers? That actually does nothing; they just haven’t removed it.

For the record I think it should. Haha


Alaska096 beat me to it :)

The report button hasn’t worked for a few years now. Only staff can ghost, even when they aren’t ATC.

The report button only works for moderators, staff and very few handpicked users. Otherwise, it has no effect in general.

This belongs in #live, not #support.

Yes I know, and I don’t think those few "handpicked experts should have that privilege if they are not in the tower. Are we not going for realism here?

In real life, there are people not in control towers who can keep you from flying — the FAA. Moderators and staff can and do report pilots when rules are broken.


Yes, but does the FAA constantly watch you at all times? I’m not talking about the Staff and Moderators, I’m talking about the “handpicked experts”

Nobody is watching you at all times, except maybe Santa Claus :)

Anyone who can report you as a pilot is well-trained to do so.