Why can it fly so long

Does anyone know why the citation x can fly so many hours? Today i flew from london to new york in it and that maked me wonder why a so small plane can fly so long. (Sorry if this is the wrong topic)

I mean, thats not a very long flight 🤷‍♂️

The CCX is a Private Jet, which tend to fly higher and sometimes farther than commercial planes, so the people flying on them can get where they want with ease.

It’s lighter, more efficient, and has relatively big fuel tanks.

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true, but im now flying from london to los angles and it stands that i have enough fuel.
Like wt

I actually, talked about this with my dad yesterday, lol.

I’d say it’s because it’s what @tunamkol said. All of these combined can make a bizjet faster.

Yea, you’d have enough fuel.

After reading all of these replies it all makes sence now. Thanks!

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Also it’s a private jet. Designed to take the rich to wherever the rich might go. The people who designed it took this into account and designed it so it could fly trans Atlantic or even around the world. No wonder you don’t see Bill Gates sitting on the same plane as 200+ other people to go from America to Europe!

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Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion that Infinite Flight accidentally doubled the range, since it’s burn rate is almost exactly half of what it should be.

In real life the C750 can just do a transcon with some gas to spare, while in IF it’ll do 10-12 hours.


IF CCX range is definitely off. A few years back I flew MIA-JNB on the CCX which simbrief said shouldn’t be possible. I made it with a few hours left.

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it depends on what version of the CCX you flew. the version in game is off but not by too much and is fairly realistic

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