Why can I not update

Hi my new tablet is not updating to do tje new updete the current version bring my tablet is Lollipop I use Samsung Tab A6 plzs het back to me azip

Can we have a screenshot? It may be some payment stuff, because if you don’t have a card linked, with Apple at least, it won’t let you update.


Could you please open the app and send us a screenshot of the “about” page? It’s the little “i” in the bottom left corner.

From what it looks like, your device does not support OpenGL ES 3.0, which is a requirement for the new updates.


I feel like this should be in support if not then I’m sorry

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Hi there, i had to manually install android 6.1 on my old samsung tablet to upgrade to global. It worked fine, but it is risky! If you fail, you might end up with a brick. It might be a good idea to find a geek around you to help.
Best of luck.


We would prefer if the user can update Infinite Flight without having to worry, or jailbreak their device.

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Sure, but if you are left with lollypop, you won’t go anywhere! Samsung does not update lollypop any more.

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Start a PM with @Kirito_77 and @Starley they can help you out as they are one of the biggest android nerd.Or you can choose either one of them, your choice

It’s lollipop 🙄

@Jamestheflyer what Starley said above is untrue (sorry mate), your device does support openGL 3.1, which means it is eligible to run global.
Although it’s not been explained to you properly, IF is not fully support on Lollipop anymore. Android 5.0 is the absolute baseline requirement to download and run the IF global update. From what I can see, your device will support up to android 8.1 Oreo. Samsung are sometimes, well… Always very patchy with their updates and it may be that you can only go to android 7.1 Nougat.

Again if that doesn’t work, you can manually flash the tablet with the system images that Samsung provides free of charge, although I haven’t dealt with Samsung tablet in about a year, so this may have changed.

However just as equally, you’re going to very long efforts for a tablet that sadly is hugely underpowered. It may have an octacore processor, but it’s a very low power unit. The entire CPU Is less powerful than 4 of the cores in my Razer phone 🙃
You wouldn’t have a very pleasant playing experience let’s just say that.

I may have your tablet mistaken. Samsung is known to remake the old numbers, so if you could provide a model number found in about device then that would be great,
Otherwise there’s not really much else we can do besides offer the advice of a fresh install. Never hurt anybody 😉

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