Why can airports / planes be seen through terrain?

I ready know that this has been Brought up but why can we see aircraft and airports through the terrain. It make airports like Saint Barts so much harder than it already is. And airports like Paro so much easier. You have know idea how much I’ve crashed of to a mountain that came out of know where while doing island hopping VFR. I’m just wondering what is the reason for this?

I believe this is the way IF renders airports is why you can see airports through mountains

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Oh makes sense but what about aircraft?. And is there and plans of fixing it?

i am not entirely sure. I believe it has something to do with rendering 3D modeled objects like airports and aircraft vs an overlay of the ground with the Satellite Imagery

Also adding to what has already been said, just make sure there is no land between you and the runway if you are landing and you’ll be fine.

My guess is this:

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Say your simulation has to show a horseshoe and a pebble. And say these objects overlap along your line of sight. The more distant object is rendered first, so that the nearer object can paint over that distant object (for realistic overlap).

But what if the pebble is inside the horseshoe? The average distance of the horseshoe may be more distant than the pebble even though the pebble is hidden by the front of the horseshoe - you end up seeing the pebble through the horseshoe, because the drawing order is confused by the average distance.

This is my best guess. Does the mountain have a confusing geometry like the horseshoe?

Here is the answer that Philippe (Infinite Flight Co founder) gave in a recent AMA which can be found here.

" There’s been an issue in Infinite Flight since the release of Global, namely that airports and airplanes are visible through terrain? What’s the technical challenge in fixing an issue like this and might Project Metal offer some help here?
It was actually there before global too IIRC. It has to do with the virtually infinite view distance we offer in IF (more than any other sim, even MSFS2020). It is a side effect of the choices we made to make that possible. It is fixable, we just haven’t gotten around to it. The focus is indeed on Project Metal for anything Graphics Related. It should help in the sense that we will have more options to fix it."


It was apparently a fix for z fighting or something.
As for aircraft dots IDK

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