Why calibration changes?

Im flying an approach in solo doing landings, i always do back 20 seconds to keep retrying landings, but sometimes why does the calibration change? i have it normal where i want it, i do 20 seconds back and all of a sudden the calibration changes and the plane pitches up or down with it, its so annoying and when i try to reset the calibration to the original point it doesnt set where i have it, itll set somewhere between there and where it is currently, like if the calibration changes to what feels like the phone tilting forward 30 degrees, me resetting it back to the middle will only bring it back a little bit, so i have to reset the calibration further back than normal, then itll happen again and i have to spend time reseting it…annoying

I have had this issue before. Usually, when you go back 20 seconds, your speed is different than it is 20 seconds later, which usually causes the plane’s nose to dip. What I do is push the throttle up to around 60% or 70% to regain control and gain a few knots airspeed and then reduce the throttle back after I am in control again. Let me know if this helps!

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Read above^

And maybe try to set flaps and trim (if you haven’t done that already)

Are you using A/P before landing?

Please refer to : The plane does not calibrate

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