Why British Airways' callsign is "Speedbird"

Hi Guys,
as you should know every Airline has got their own Callsign. The most of them are the same or very similar to the Company name. But British Airways always used Speedbird. Do you know why?
The video below explains. And: They celebrate the 66th birthday of this callsign this year.

Video is not made by me.


Wow this is interesting.

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Very interesting. Some airline call signs are very strange. Like US Airways was Cactus.


Or like Pan Am by calling them Clipper
Oh and don’t forget Dynasty for China Airlines!


Love captain Joe’s videos! He is a great man.


Always makes me chuckle when I look at the smaller BA aircraft with the callsign “Shuttle” on FR24. Looks like an anagram of a swear word, lol.

I always thought it was because BA pilots had a heavy foot… Nah, I didn’t, but I didn’t actually know why. Very interesting video!

Yes, think so too. He’s explaining everything well.

Didn’t watch the video, I read and the logo and callsign Speedbird came from BOAC

Then you have got some historical knowledge.

I like this learned something new

US airways had that calsign because they merged with America west which first had the “Cactus” callsign.

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