Why ATIS isn’t in training server

Is there a reason why ATIS is only for expert server at the moment and not in training server? Someday I will be joining IFATC but it was just a quick question. Training server is training basically so ATIS should be in training server so controllers have a feel of it before going IFATC


Truly im not sure, but i really think its something kool so i will soon join the IFATC so i could get a chance to try it out.


Given the confusing nature that ATIS can occasionally present, it’s perhaps better to not allow it on the Training Server as it doesn’t take much for it to be misused. There are also plenty of specific NOTAMs and Remarks that have very specific use cases which can very easily be misinterpreted if used incorrectly.


And that’s the whole point of the training server. controllers might be using it incorrectly but over time as control more they will learn how to use it perfectly. Or you can do it by how many operations they have. basically what I mean is they should have a certain amount of operations to use atis in training sever

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Operations mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s just a marker of how many planes you’ve given clearances to, not how good you are at controlling. We’ve seen time and time again that there is no direct correlation between operation count and the skillset of controllers in IFATC, and in all honesty, I don’t expect this to be any different on the Training Server.


alright then forget about the operations. but letting them learn how to use it is what makes a good controller. practice makes perfect as some say. they will use it incorrectly but will eventually perfect it.


This is where the IFATC Training Team comes into the picture. As we get controllers transitioned from the Training Server to the Expert Server, one of the things that we will cover includes the correct use of the ATIS frequency. It’s still not uncommon to see people make rookie mistakes with the ATIS frequency either, so ensuring that it isn’t as widespread and mitigating the confusion does seem like a priority when allowing controllers to control on the Training Server.

Besides, in my opinion, at least, I think it’s a good way to separate those who are looking to control casually and those who are looking to take it a little more seriously.


Even for none IFATC users this would be good for training server because look at how many pilots use the wrong runways at airports. IAH is a perfect example of why we need ATIS on training server. I have seen so many pilots land on 33L and 33R (which are mainly inactive runways IRL) or the land on 15L and 15R (which are take off only runways). I have also seen pilots take off on 8R or 26L because they either do not know what the correct runways uses or or they are just to lazy to use the proper runways. Now this doesn’t just happen at IAH it happens almost at every airport that doesn’t get enough traffic. Pilots even make these mistakes at DFW. So with ATIS could fix alot of this with the right people on it.

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Hello ATIS is only used on the Expert Server NOT THE TRAINING SERVER!:)

Playing devil’s advocate here:

The other perspective about runway use is that, if someone has downloaded and is flying around in IF because it’s a cool flight sim, they may not care one way or the other about being true to life in the course of flying for their own casual amusement.

I like copying the routes I’ve seen flown, and i also like hopping in a TBM and hacking around various landmarks in ridiculous vfr sightseeing.

You may find it annoying when people don’t fly as accurately as you want to, but there’s nothing about IF that requires them to except on ES, at controlled airports.

I say again, i like flying cold & dark at departure gate, via IFR plan, to cold & dark at the arrival gate. But I’m never going to give other pilots crap if they don’t care to fly that way.

Unless IF rebrands itself as a sim tailored for as realistic as possible copying of real world procedures, and starts requiring simulated FAA certificates for pilots, it is always going to have casual flying at every level.

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Yeah, that is the point Op’s question is why it is not in the training server


ATIS has to be monitored and updated at the specified intervals or as operationally needed.

Imagine what it would be like if anyone could jump on anytime it’s not in use and change it to whatever they want; rinse and repeat over and over and over.

TS is awash of chaos already. Adding more is not beneficial to anyone.

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Exactly and some people don’t know what an ATIS even is! Good luck to that

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I see no reason why you can’t undertake and pass an ATIS course seperate from ATC training and then if qualified be allowed to use it on the training server. I also think there needs to be some way of managing trolls who’s only intention is to wreck an otherwise good student controller for learning. I have no idea how but the controller should be able to ban them from the airport at least not kick em off but prevent them from operating at the airport while in that session.


And how do you make sure the controller doesn’t abuse that power and trolls himself? Short answer: You can’t. There’s always going to be trolls and people that don’t know what they’re doing – on both pilot and controller side. That’s just part of the training server.

I don’t see how access to ATIS would change any of that. If there are pilots not following your instructions, e.g. ignoring a runway assignment, why would they follow the runway configuration in the ATIS? Both are just instructions from the controller that can’t be enforced.

Most of the time, there is not enough traffic at a certain airport on the training server that any of the remarks would even be needed. You would only need it for runway configuration, and again: If pilots don’t follow your runway assignment in the taxi instruction, they’re not going to care about ATIS anyway.

Again: “with the right people on it”

How do you make sure they’re the right people? You would have to train them, which is exactly what the IFATC recruitment process does.

The whole point of the training server is that you only need minor qualifications (Grade 2) and don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Any step away from that will make it more difficult for aspiring controllers (and pilots) to make progress. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Or they practice it on training and get better. I mean we got Approach, Departure and Center which are just as complicated so why not ATIS.

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What im saying is if the controller had passed the ATC exam and was in training then you would presume they were responsible and being monitored. In this case they should have an extra privilege to ban idiots from their session only the aircraft causing the trouble would be kicked from that airport they could fly anywhere else on the training server just not at the airport they were causing problems until that controller session was over.

If you had passed the ATC exam and an ATIS exam at least the controller would have practice setting one up doesn’t matter if no one followed it so long as they followed general instructions. Remember iam talking about trainee controllers not just anyone. Im sorry but seriously it is really annoying and is for the most part obvious intent to be an idiot by troublesome aircraft

Example i was at KLAX yesterday there was a fighter jet just buzzing tower and chasing planes they could be ignored there were aircraft departing and one decided to just park on the runway refused to get off then just taxied on and off runway. This made it impossible to properly practice others in circuit just not following pattern choosing any runway they wanted. There is a casual server for that at least on the training server you should be able to has so e resemblance of order

Atis is not that confusing though

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NO a basic ATIS is not and its training and awareness before the expert server. You could colour code controllers so that when u entered the airport you new they were qualified for training if u were not experienced enough stay away go to another controlled airport where the controller was not in training at least people trying to better the self would have a better place to improve before the expert server. Also if a particular aircraft had been banned from sessions a large amount a superviser could review their activity email them for improvement or ban then to the casual server if they are obvious trolls i dont the software changes would be all that complicated anyway had my say

Still I don’t agree with the ATIS on training server BUT

If there was a server let’s say “practice” were if hosted by the user operating their device and just themselves in the session, to play around with general atc buttons AND ATIS then it would be acceptable.

This would be more appropriate as;

  1. They actually have freedom in doing whatever they want with the ATIS (testing out it’s functions, listening to it, however it works within the Expert Server)
  2. An ATIS on the training like everyone else has been saying would server NO purpose as it would be ignored