Why ATC insist instructing me to land on a red runway.

This happened a few minutes ago when I ready to land on RCTP, runway 05 is unavailable (red), while runway 23 is available, I request to land to runway 23 two or three times, but ATC insist to use red runway.
So I have no choice but quit flight.
Is ATC’s runway and wind info is different from polite’s?
This is not first time I met such situation in Expert Server. What can I do to inform ATC unable to land on the runway he ordered!

If the tailwind is slight, they will use the common runway flow. They’re a guide, not rule.

A red runway does not mean it’s closed or unavailable. It only means that winds are not favorable for that particular runway. It usually mean you’ll have a slight tailwind as mentioned by Ryan above. Nothing uncommon at all.

As long as the winds don’t exceed 10kts (or something like that), you should be perfectly fine. Seems to 5kts from 310 degrees according to the METAR i can see in your picture. So it’s a slight crosswind too.


Thank you guys! I always consider red runway landing is a bad idea. Now I get it. Just follow instructions is just fine in Expert Server.

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@Wang_Wilhelm expert ATC have to pass a theory and a practical exam, and there tends to be a reason behind most of the stuff we do. Quite often we also go to discuss our actions with other members of IFATC, just to make sure we aren’t doing anything totally stupid, therefore you should be confident in us and trust us with every instruction we give. Remember, when the pilot follows instructions, it gives us one less reason to ghost, and not having to ghost anyone is what makes most of us happy.


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