Why aren't the atc sounds working on my android device?

Why isn’t the atc sounds working on my android device. I saw in the sounds in settings and the bar was on full. What is the problem

It happened to me on my android. I restarted infinite flight and sounds are back up.

Make sure your device isn’t muted. If you are at an uncontrolled airport you won’t hear any transmissions until you announce your intentions unless other aircraft are inbound at the airport.

Also, as mentioned above a device and app restart may solve this too.

How did you restart the app??

Force close Infinite Flight, restart your device and then relaunch Infinite Flight.

Make sure to have text-to-speech enabled on your device

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Yep, it happened to me as well, …just force shutdown the app and restart it…delete it from the task manager/ system tray.
Everything comes back to normal.
Still doesn’t work then reboot your device.
That will do.

I believe he refers to the ATC commands given by him/her to the aircrafts on the airspace/airport.
Cause i too faced a similar situation


This has happened to me countless times, it always happens to me when im in flight but then go to another app and come back. Make sure you have all apps but Infinite Flight closed while you fly, and dont multi task while doing so and restart your device and reinstall the app.
Adding onto what @Levet Make sure your device is not muted, and you wont hear transmissions in an uncontrolled airport unless you give out reports or another aircraft is inbound, hope this helps and let me know if the issue if fixed, please make sure to report back 🙂

Kind regards, 305.

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Yes it worked when i enabled text to speech on the device

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