Why aren't IF releasing the a350-1000?

Hello IFC,
Just wondering why IF aren’t releasing the -1000 variant of the a350. While it is less popular than the -900 BA and Virgin have them which I’m sure you’ll agree are significant airlines
It would be a great companion to the -900 and provide some interesting routes
It shares many features with the -900 and I think it’s just silly that they aren’t adding it.
Anyone know why?

Due to the -900 been out longer so we know how it behaves compared to the -1000

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What do you mean “behaves”

Also I don’t think there are enough airlines also that have take delivery of the Varient

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It’s a bit early to be guessing and presuming things. Let’s give the development team a chance to bring us up to speed with their plans when that time comes. Jason will surely post something in #announcements when information is available.