Why aren't Advanced ATCs allowed to control in PG?

As already stated, it’s simply because we are not allowed to ghost on the PG and they want maximum attention to the advanced server.

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This should help you understand why, perhaps?

Not adv ATC anymore?

The reason I do not allow Advanced Controllers to control on the Playground Server is because of ghosting. Users on the Playground should be free of any punitive actions, since the purpose of the server is learn and develop their skills as a pilot or controller.

I don’t want to even get into a situation where I am needing to moderate that server or worry about controllers ghosting users who shouldn’t be messed with. The only time you may see an Advanced Controller on the PG is if they’re practicing for their approach test, in which case it’s been made very clear that they are not to ghost anyone.



I also like this rule as it encourages more activity on the advanced server. When there is a controller online, everyone heads to that region. Advanced server activity dwindles when there aren’t any ATC online.


Lol yeah speaking of, someone is welcome to service me into KTPA right now lol

So why not add something that disables ghosting from atc in playground?

The fact that Tyler has the ability to see all ghosts and know who was responsible for the ghosting is enough of a deterrent for most ifatc members. Besides, why would an advanced atc want to control on the playground? If you follow the advanced server lately then you should know there are plenty of traffic for ops.

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Because I think the developers can spend their time on more valuable things. Why create something that stops it when we can just say, “hey, don’t do that.”

I’m not reinventing the wheel here. Besides, we dedicate A LOT of man hours to test, qualify, and train advanced controllers. Why invest that time if they’re not going to control on the Advanced Server? :)


Just to add to what Tyler is saying, from personal experience and observation, IF traffic follows relatively simple trend: people go where there are other people. So, you create a vicious cycle: - more people fly on Playground - controllers would want to go where there is traffic so they don’t sit idly waiting for someone to show up. Controllers open a facility in Playground - people immediately go to that facility because they want to fly where there’s a controller present. It has been like this since ATC was introduced.

Now that there are more advanced controllers, it’s not quite like this any more, but the fact that advanced server requires more from both controllers and pilots to use it (in terms of ability and stats) will probably see this pattern remain for quite some time. - Consequently, people that are qualified to control on advanced - should stay on advanced, because after all that’s the reason they did their tests and were accepted, right?

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Ok thanks guys, I understand now… So I get what you all mean, in future, Advanced will be more populated ;D


image on my initial days of controlling on the advanced server. If this isn’t traffic,then what is it ? 😂😂 Traffic follows the controllers on the advanced server.
And as far as building ops are concerned,I should keep my mouth shut 😁😁😅


How about Singapore? I only intend to start off from there since I am a Singaporean myself and I am all too familiar with my country’s own airport.