Why aren't Advanced ATCs allowed to control in PG?

As the title says… before I get in touch with @anon66442947 again regarding the recruitment…

Easy OPS.

And as the PG has more ATC’s than Advanced, it is always encouraged to control on ADV.

Ah thanks for clarification… So if what are the consequences for not following this rule? I don’t wish to wait forever for traffic though… Advanced is really small in terms of the number of pilots…

You will get traffic.

repeated controlling will get you removed

That’s harsh… Hopefully…

How to train for approach than?

We use PG (Playground)

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Lol.see that is why i were confused…o does it just mean that you cant take over towers?

The People that arn’t an advanced Controllen must can practice there and we don’t have to practice

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So all roles are not to be taken by Advanced ATCs?

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Pretty much. It’s to ensure, as others said, that advanced server is staffed as much as possible by qualified personnel. And traffic comes, that you can be assured of

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Yes because PG is to practice and otherwise all advanced controllers will control on PG because there are the most peoples

I promise you once you begin on advanced, you will get traffic!
Spend a weekday evening or weekend afternoon at London City and you will have moments of near melt down. It gets busy there…

Plus the progression to larger airports need not take long providing you get stuck in and build up your ops.

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I think it’s also because we have the ability to ghost. We wouldn’t want controllers ghosting people on the playground by mistake.


Who would want to control there haha? Its hell

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If you mean PG, yeah and you know my struggles xD

I sometimes miss being able to control on the playground, it was entertaining at times


These are the reasons:

  • it’s a learning environment for future controllers.
  • the advanced server needs to get more controllers in different time zones.

You’re allowed to fly on PG, but unless you are practicing approach, I say stay off. You’ll be banned by Joe, and I tell you he banned me. >:(


Lol I see… I prefer the second reason xD

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