Why aren’t other aircrafts loading in?

Does anyone know why other aircrafts don’t load in when I use multiplayer? I have an iPhone 15 and no matter how close I am to other aircrafts I can see them or their livery. All I see is a box with their username above it.

This may be a reason because your show airplane count is low in multiplayer settings

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Hey! Sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

Are you playing with WiFi or mobile data?

If you’re on data, make sure you go into the settings and tick the following box:

‘Automatically download aircraft over cellular data’

As @Prestoni mentioned above, check your airplane count as well. If it is on low, the amount of aircraft will be restricted, and if it is on none you will not see anything. Normally you get a warning message when setting the airplane count to none.

Let us know if we solved your issue and merry Christmas 🎄

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I am having same issue. Playing on wifi and have made the edit you suggest

It seems to work on cellular data but not when I’m connected to a wifi network

How good are both your connections? IF requires a pretty good connection in order for multiplayer to work correctly.

Hi Mathurin - Connection is excellent. Run our business from home and do a lot of streaming.

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Then I’m afraid I cannot help anymore.

What I can advise you to do is try looking for similar Support topics mentioning the issue you’re experiencing and as a last resort contact support@infiniteflight.com

Are you using a VPN by any chance?
Some VPNs might block the ports IF is using.

Try another Wi-Fi network and see if it works.

@Pmac60, this could very well be the reason for your other issue as well.

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Now thanks much

BINGO!!! That’s it! Thank you! Turned off vpn and works great now! Thanks again!


@Justjames2102, does this solve your issue as well?

I don’t own any VPN. I was using a public wifi network maybe that why it wasn’t working

So it’s working now?