Why are XP points only for flying time?

We spend a lot of time on Live flights to gain XP points and up our grades. However, at times we wait patiently for about 30-45 minutes taxiing and waiting in very long queues to get out turn to fly. Don’t you all think there should be something for it too!
Just a suggestion

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Just a simple explanation:

It’s called Infinite Flight, not Infinite Taxiing.

Therefore, in a flight sim, you get XP for flying


So you’re asking why people can’t sit at the terminal for four hours and farm XP?


I understand this, and can sometimes be frustrating taxiing for an hour and getting no XP. But stuff like that happens. But if we did get XP for taxiing, inexperienced pilots could farm XP and get on Expert without knowing anything. But I understand. 🙂


It’s not enough that you can rack up thousands of XP while sleeping and doing nothing? You need that extra little 40 minutes?

XP already mean nothing at all, why devalue them even more?


I may well be the only person who agrees with you. And I do not subscribe the responses above.

IF is not just about ‘flight’; taxiing is very much part of it.
And real life pilots collect flying hours while sleeping too. Yes, XP does not have a mega cignificance, but if taxiing is part of the IF SIM, then I agree, you could argue that a pilot should get some XP during his taxi and waiting.

What I do agree with: being parked at a gate obviously would not collect XP. And if it does: 1 XP per hour. 😉


XP is supposed to be an indicator of a users experience and it’s part of the grading system. With people already frequently complaining about skill level within the expert server I believe making it easier by allowing you to gain xp for just taxiing would further contribute to lower skill users on expert. Plus let’s face it, taxiing is very very simple.

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To be honest XP doesn’t matter, so you shouldn’t be worried about it!

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Because planes fly.

Why have the XP system if you don’t care about it? It also bugs be that Infinite Flight starts racking up flight time when you leave the ground. Pilots count taxiing as flight time!-look in the journey log of an aircraft and compare flight time to air time (makes a difference). I know my IRL logbook would look like nothing if I only counted airtime. Taxiing comes with challenges and don’t forget we have to be courteous to others and demonstrate airmanship as well! You know what else is easy money?-Sleeping while your phone runs overnight cause you’re doing New York to Singapore. Taxiing (or at least moving under your own power) should count towards xp and don’t forget flight time.


Haha obviously not! This just crossed my mind when I was active at an airport for 45 minutes. By the way, it’s alot easier to be on autopilot and sleep during the flight, wake up and land and earn thousands of xp. Just saying the xp isnt really properly used.
I am all for more xp requirement for a better grade.


1XP for not taxiing at max speed.
1XP for following the taxi line.
1 XP for not following behind traffic to closely.
100XP for using lights properly.

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It is nearly impossible to set these regulations.

How would the game know if you’re following taxi lines, or not close to the traffic infront, or if you used your lights correctly?

It’s going to take a lot of development time to add these regulations. I don’t think they are necessary.

Furthermore, I agree with Tim. The value of “XP” has decreased since the release of Global as everyone can now put their plane to fly overnight and rack in XP. We get plenty of XP already, we don’t need to taxi to get them too.

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