Why are US Army helicopters called what they are?

AANNNDDD Really cool story I just learned!

You ever wonder why we have helicopters named like the:

Apache, Chinook

The Blackhawk,

The Majova

Well I just found out why, it’s not by coincidence by the US Army actually mandates and has a regulation due to it! Army Regulation 70-28 in 1978.
AR 70-28 states “Army Aircraft should be given to names of Native American tribes, or chiefs or terms.”
Though AR 70-28 is no longer around, naming Army aircraft around Native Americans still stuck. In March of 1977 Aviation Digest held a competition to name the UH-60A. The competition was “Name that Bird” The rules cited AR 70-28 and, the rules were “Appeal to the imagination with out sacrifice of dignity, and should suggest an aggressive spirit, and confidence in the capabilities of the aircraft, The name should also should suggest, mobility, agility, flexibility, firepower and endurance”
The winning name became the “Blackhawk” which is named after Sauk Leader - Blackhawk, who fought in the war of 1812 and the Blackhawk war.

In 2012 the UH-72 was finally dubbed the Lakota, which is a Native American tribe found in both North and South Dakota. During this time, two Lakota helicopters were blessed by Spiritual leader, and elder George Ironshield, The UH-72 is designed for Emergency response, and medical evacuation the Lakotas were given special names by Ironshield, one was nickednamed “Eagle” to symbolize spirituality and hope, and the other is known as “Turtle” to reflect its mission to protect and heal.


The Army pays it’s respect to the Native Indians by naming their aircraft in honour of them.

Hope this brought some new facts into your day!


Wow, that’s pretty neat! Thanks for sharing, Mark! :)

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Yeah! I can’t believe I just learned this!

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Kinda ironic though. Still cool to see how they come up with the names.

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Why’s that

Have we done anything good to the natives with the army besides naming copters after them.

While the US has many had a good history with the past they sure have fixed that a ton, feel free PM me more about t if ya like

that helicopter in the back is the Lakota

Yes - The UH-72.

my brother goes to west point and he sees it every day due to the parachute team but sadly the army retired the Lakota a few months ago!

Very cool!
The Army hasn’t retired them yet, you’re thinking of the Bell OH-58 “Kiowa Warrior” they just retired those guys not to long ago

RIP kiwoa I wanted to fly that thing but when my brother told me it retired I turned to the Blackhawk!

nope the Lakota has just been retired

You can always fly the Civilian version! The Bell 206 Long Ranger, if you’re over 6ft tall you won’t like it

Nope, the Army just ordered 16 more in May of 2018.

I know just I like the head thing on top of it, it looks cool and if you read my description I want to be in the army!

for the training or something i think?

If you want to fly - The Army is the best way, when you’re 18 make sure you check out the Warrant officer program. Don’t need to be a commissioned officer to fly for the Army, and plus it’s the best rank.

For operational use - So for it’s primary roll as of medivacs, training new pilots at Ft Rucker, ect. They were just introduced about 10 years ago they have a while before they retire

yeah but if I go to west point I will have to sign a contract to go for how many years I want to serve but if I go to west point I will go into the army as an Officer!

It’s a minimum 8 year contract for an officer slot. Going Officer is good but Warrant is much better