Why are they retiring the MD80 but not that MD90?

I googled it but didn’t give me an answer?
All it told me was retering MD80s.

Probably because the MD80 is older than the MD90.


pretty much most of allegiant air’s fleet are md80s

The MD80 uses good ole JTD8 engines which are from way back when, also used on planes like the 737-100/200. The low bypass turbofans are wildly inefficient compared to the more modern high bypass turbo fans that the MD90 is equipped with.


No, not anymore, they almost completely retired them, they’re moving to airbus A320/A319’s.

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As stated the MD80’s are older than their 90 series siblings. I will miss the Mad Dog greatly.

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The MD-80 is a much older plane, and is a gas guzzler compared to the MD-90, which has the newer, more efficient IAE V2500 engine. The MD-90 is also longer, and has a slightly larger range.


Well thx for the informations guys.

You’re welcome… three days later.

Think the MD-80 was made in the 80’s and the MD-90 was made in 90’s. Hence the 80 and 90. Get it? I think it is funny.

Eh. They’re not that bad but they just don’t meet noise regs without having to continuously update the hush kits used on them.

I flew in the back of a Delta MD80 in 2013 It was not nice at all. 😫 I had to yell to order a drink. 717 isn’t bad tho.

The 737-800s AA is using to replace the MD80s are almost 30% more fuel effiecient, I think that’s more than enough of a reason to replace them.

Thats not the plane fault, isn’t it the flight attendants fault?

I’m pretty sure that’s the flight attendees fault not the planes.

It was Delta’s fault for putting me in the back. Why do they say that rear engined aircraft reduce noise, they increase it.

They reduce noise at the front of the cabin.

And don’t care about the ppl in back. That’s just stupid to reduce noise at front at the expence of ppl in back.

Well if you look at the pricing, cheaper seats are usually more uncomfortable.

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Maybe they should pay to upgrade to the front.

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