Why are there speed limits?

I’ve been using an app called ‘planes live’ for about 2 years, haven’t used it l8ley, was thinking about it after I got violations for speeding.
Idk, the limits IF has in place may have some basis n real life aviation, but since I’ve been using ‘planes live’ I’ve noticed
The speed limits n IF are irrelevant. For example, most planes climbing out of 2-3k are already at 250kts or more.
By the time they’ve hit 10 k they’re usually approaching 400kts or more.
By 30k, they’re reaching cruising alt, and are at speed of 500-620kts.
I’d really like to know why we’re limited to such slow speeds for such high powered jets.


That’s because it’s ground speed. When at over 30000 ft in IF (try yourself) you might be 330 Airspeed but you are usually over 400 Ground speed.
And then there are winds.


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MPH=/= knots. While the A380 is doing 272 knots under 10,000, the plane is probably doing 250 KIAS, which is bang on the limit.

The 777 is fast because it’s at 29,000 feet, there are no speed restrictions there. There are only restrictions under 10,000.


Yep - 315 mph is 273 knots. With a bit of wind, that’s easily right at or under the 250 KIAS limit.


But I hear you about the speed limit violations, they’re the easiest violations to run into. Best is to stay far enough away from them, so for example I try to taxi at 15-20 knots, and during climb you keep a constant 190-200 knots until like 3000 feet - adjust your climb rate if you’re getting too fast! - then slowly get faster up to 250 knots as you near 10000.

One more tip for the typical airliners is to keep your throttle at like 70-75% while climbing, which is usually more than enough to climb at that speed. You’re virtually never going to need to go above 85% throttle, not even during takeoff.

Once it’s a habit, it’s no problem at all.


Great tips there!

When I first started using IF I started I always used full flaps and 100% throttle for take off! By researching and talking to experienced pilots here I am learning each day better and more realistic ways to fly.

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i know the diff between knots and mph. my point is, when so many real world planes are routinely exceeding those limits. if IF is trying for the closest thing to real world aviation, i think they should model the parameters of real world aviation too.

I’ve explained this before but for the sake of trawling through old threads I’ll explain it again.

Speeds are constrained in the real world to regulate the amount of traffic that the relevant ATC units and airports can realistically handle. The speed limits of 250 below 10000’ ft are standard but may be changed at the request of ATC. For example a quiet day into the London TMA might result in the aircraft being given free speed below 10,000’ or, on a busy day you might get lateral holding and reduce to 220 kt’s at 25,000ft. It’s all based on traffic density to allow ATC the ability to manage traffic flow.

Given the above the airfields and the ATC units already know which flights they can expect and when thanks to major airports utilising the departue and arrival slot system. ATC can co-ordinate traffic flow and speed knowing which aircraft are arriving from where and when and departing to where and when. This allows them the flexibility to manage immensely busy airspace (and they do a fantastic job believe me!!!)

Onto the game, when you are on a live server the guys volunteering to co-ordinate ATC don’t know who is there, when they are there or, often, where they are going. I would assume that as they have to manage such a variable traffic load having a sensible system of speed control will allow them to co-ordinate flight paths to the benefit of all players.

Striving for ultimate ‘real-life’ simulation is a worthy goal but always remember that some of the real world limits and procedures don’t translate into a game as the complexity is too great. It’s nice to pick up the iPad and play on a live server but I’m not so sure I would want to spend 1-2 hours submitting detailed accurate flight plans to enable me to do 280kts below 10000ft. ;)


@Brit1 I think you are still completely misunderstanding the difference between Indicated airspeed, true airspeed, ground speed, and the conversion between miles, and nautical miles.

Knots refer to nautical miles, not standard miles.

As your altitude increases, air density reduces. You need to do some serious research before making the criticisms that you have. The IF speeds and speed limits are quite accurate.

Seeing aircraft doing 600 knots at 35,000feet in the real world is as a result of high altitude winds. It’s not uncommon for 80 knot tailwinds at such altitudes that are dramatically increasing the aircrafts ground speed. IF doesn’t presently simulate these high altitude winds (apparently global may have it). As a result, you can be at 35,000 feet, cruising at a realistic IAS of 340knots (with say, an estimated ground speed of 450 knots). If you had a tail wind of 80 knots like the real world, then you would have a ground speed in excess of 530 knots. However, without such tail winds, in IF you are forced to cruise at an IAS of 450 knots (which is just ludicrously unrealistic) to achieve such high ground speeds.

Simply focus on the Mach speeds at high altitude - they are calibrated very accurately in IF and are the most accurate way of flying.


im not missing the diff, im questioning the diff. alls im saying(and yes, 1 of the reasons im posting this is bc its affecting my lvl up) is i know IF tries to emulate real world aviation, and for the most part it does a great job. like i said n th OP, most real world planes routinely exceed the limits set by IF. if for whatev reason IF wants to maintain those limits, then i have to follow them, and i do 90% of the time, most of the violations ive had, have been as a result of inattention, or like yesterday afternoon, stalling out after losing control of the plane after disengaging the auto[pilot. the control thing happens to me alot, especially with the 777-3 and the 757. id say about 40% of the time i lose all control of the plane after turning AP off. alls u have to do is d/l the ‘planes live’ app or any of the other plane tracker apps, and youll c what im talking about.

The shortest and simplest answer - if you remove the 250 knot limit in IF, then there will be hundreds of clowns flying in excess of 300 knots at 5000 feet. It would be absolute chaos.

Real world aircraft aren’t routinely exceeding these limits, it’s an exception, not the rule. Aviation isn’t a race, it’s a business.

This conversation has been had over and over and over again.

Patience. It’s not about flying at 100% N1. Relate it to the real world - fuel burn and engine life - the two most important aspects of running a profitable airline


The 250 Kias limit is a real world limit below 10,000ft.

Aircraft can break that limit BUT ONLY if ATC tells them they can.

So if the limit in IF was removed it would make the SIM even LESS realistic.

To answer your title question. We have speed limits for the same reason we have limits on roads. If everyone drove at 100mph in the middle of LAX then it would be maddness.

And if you don’t want to get violations then try slowing down sooner not at 10,001ft. And TRIM DOES WORK.


Want to speed, go to the casual server! Simple!