Why are there not as many new topics now?

Self explanatory:) I think it might be because of school

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We’ve run out of interesting topics


All the new topics are being closed because of existing topics that are higher in standards.

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Nothing new getting released besides some 787 liveries.

It’s because most topics from years ago are already taken and when someone brings it up it gets closed down for being a duplicate.

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That’s correct. :)

The 787 update is just released and people are enjoying it instead of making IFC posts. And in some countries, school has re-opened. Thankfully in my country (Iran) we have 25 more days of summer vacation.

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School is finally back in session. :)

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I’m logged into IFC for my entire work shift, I’ll take whatever topics I can get.

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Same I work the night shift, so its usually quiet and no bosses to deal with.


Exactly! I have a separate browser window open the entire shift.

Simple… because people aren’t posting them.

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