Why are there more regions in Non-pro subscription?

Hi guys, so my pro just over today i see there are more regions in non-pro subscription like Seattle, Hawaii, New york, Miami, and more on my Android but my ipad doesn’t have those regions can anyone tell me is it update or anything?


Hmm. This a glitch. Try a restart.

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it still there

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Yes I am having the same exact issue

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You can actually fly those regions too with non-pro plane off course

Are you Android or IOS?

IOS ipad, same problem

There is nothing wrong here, it’s normal. If you bought something on Android and switch to Apple, even if it’s the same account, the things you got will not be transferred. Mainly because they have different systems. In Android, Google Play Store, you need a Google Play account. In Apple, App Store, you need an ITunes account.

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if it nothing wrong then why my ipad doesn’t have those followig regions like my phone android has. this is non-pro subscription i use same google account for both of them.

Did you buy those regions on your iPad before Global came out?

This is why. Since they are different devices have different systems, you can’t have the same thing from two different systems.

i don’t even have IF on ipad that time

This is exactly what it look like!

On my Android:

On my ipad:

Have a look here if you still don’t understand.

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So at some point you purchased the regions on android. On ipad you dont have those purchases.

Did you hit restore purchases on the ipad logged in?

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let me try that when i get home.

Im just confused that i use same account but have different things for both device

Correction, restore purchases will not work in this situation.

This goes back to when Infinite Flight had in app purchases. In app purchases are separate from your subscription which is tied to your Infinite Flight account. IAP are tied to the app store. Since Apple and iOS have different app stores, planes and regions purchases on Android will not transfer to iOS.


Oh okay that explain a lot. I have Android with IF before global and i got ipad after global come so that maybe a reason why. thanks


@Soviet_Salsa that is completely irrelevant and also the issue has been answered already.


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