Why are there ILS hold short markings everywhere?


Well it’s nice enough to know that the effort is already there and that you guys actually try

Of course they try…

Next time wait for your picture to upload. Otherwise it will show up as “Uploading…” :)

ILS critical area hold short indication line marking. AIM sez to hold short of these lines during IMC. Believe your on to something here @TopChaa
This may be an oversight! Moved to Support for RWay Crew review. Max

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I wasn’t realy worried about the last picture considering you can see the first one clearly enough thats why i didn’t wait for it to upload…there was no point. Plus it was taking forever.

Thanks for moving the category i wasn’t really sure what category to put it in! But is it not strange that they would be in areas no where near the runway thresholds?

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I’m not really sure but aren’t they for intersection hold shorts? You’d have to stop there and wait for aircraft to clear the taxiway before using the apron.

This does not belong in support. This is not an “issue” you are having with infinite flight. It is rather a question:)

@Carson. Ok, agree on second thought! I make it a policy to identify myself when I change, flag or object to all post & topic. It a good thing! It’s always nice to know who your “friends” are! I will delete my Morse msg for the sake of collegiality! Regards, Max

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I’m not trying to say that the editor who worked on this airport is wrong. I am just confused because TYPICALLY a ILS hold short marking is placed before a runway hold short marking in order to protect the ILS critical area. I understand there are different placements for ILS hold short markings depending on the airport and area of ILS and taxi ways in relation to that ILS. I just want to know if these were used as a substitute for the [quote=“Freddiefrogs, post:10, topic:17099”]
intersection hold shorts
It’s just curiosity as @Carson has stated.

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True, that is also my understanding. However, it’s only critical in ILS Catlll conditions I believe. Anyone know more?

My interpretation of what I see is on the very right of the image is a runway hold on the very left is an other hold and the two other blemishes are possibly where a feature existed before but is no longer there maybe erased. Again this is not my edit. I will ask the editor to review this and see if he wishes to change it.

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I can understand the ILS marking in the top left corner portion of the image but the other two markings I’m not so sure about

@Axel_Beder can you please reply to this concern?