Why are there altitudes in my sid?

why are there altitudes in my sid? are those altitude restrictions?

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Yes and no. Those are VNAV altitudes. Once programmed, VNAV will automatically descend to those altitudes in waypoint order. Try activating VNAV via A/P and watch it do the magic!

But, these altitudes go off of real life altitude restrictions on the chart. But no worries! You won’t get Vios for not obeying alt restrictions.

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He’s on about SID not STAR VNAV only works on descent

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for decent i know thats the case, i meant when im climbing out of an airport using a sid.


Some SIDs have altitude restrictions in real life due to terrain and radio coverage.
You can choose to follow these altitudes but VNAV does not work for climbs.

this got me wondering now why VNAV is for descent only

Oh. My bad. As Mark said, VNAV doesn’t have climb functions yet.You won’t get vios or anything wrong for busting altitude restrictions, but you can abide by them for realism if you may.

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These altitudes are pre-programmed into the SID, you can fly them manually for now or change them to your benefit

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oh thx. yeah i was just climbing out of heathrow and was wondering why there were multiple restrictions.

With these procedures sometimes you need to be at or above a certain altitude for that particular route or distance.
Like I said it has to do with terrain but sometimes the radio navigations being used for these procedures like (VOR, NDB and others) need to you to be at those altitudes or above for them to be reliable.

It’s confusing all these new features

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