Why are the textures on the 787 matte?

Hi, after update 21.1 all textures on the 787 are matte.

The edges of the engines were also chromed, in reality it’s not like that.

Is there an explanation for the textures being like this? the old textures looked better.

the photos were taken with the graphic configuration at the maximum and the same time and day










I’m guessing that IFLLC pushed a graphical update and that’s why it’s different.

It’s almost like they pushed the contrast up and stuff is more vibrant.


I don’t know if that could be it, as older aircraft like the 737 and A320 still have the same texture qualities in 20.3 and 21.1 onwards.

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It may have been aircraft specific, such as the C208 texture rework.

Well, in my opinion, the older one was better, since it had more brightness at least. Current textures look the same on low and high


In my opinion the older shiny and chrome versions are my favourite out of all of them. But I’m sure you could contact a support staff to further talk about this issue.

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20.# versions I liked better, they seemed more crisp than the newer ones

They did push a texture update to the older aircraft in 21.1 (I think it was 21.1)

Feel free to roast me or whatever but I do like the new versions better. They’re more vibrant and older aircraft textures are noice.

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idk why but i prefer the Matte version of the livery


Depending on the painting it gets worse, it’s like a paint bath


now if you take not high and low, the only thing that apparently changes is the sunlight that disappears

ok norweigian is a little too glossy

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I… I… I kinda prefer the new textures


New textures are just… 🤤

Btw, as far as I know, every single aircraft got included in the new textures package. You might not notice that, but if the visibility is at 49km or less you’ll see the fuselage or every plane turns a bit orange, which in my opinion, looks samazing

Why do I feel like this is actually a change in how sunlight is rendered rather than the brightness of the textures?

Anyways I think the point is actually to standardize the rendering between different aircraft, probably in preparation for some project metal options in the future.

Looks realer

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OK, it may seem like it, but what about the chromed engine edges?

so far I’ve seen only one 787 that has them chromed

in the IF some are chromed others not

Seen chromed edges on the 737, not sure about the Dreamliner though

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